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Welcome to genealogy-books, where your journey to uncovering your family’s roots in the heart of Georgia begins. Our platform is dedicated to helping you navigate the rich history and diverse genealogy of this southern state.
Discover the stories of your ancestors as you delve into our extensive archives and resources, meticulously curated to assist you in finding your familial connections. Whether your ancestors were early settlers, immigrants, or longtime residents, Georgia Pioneers is your gateway to unlocking the past. Our user-friendly search tools and databases make it easy for you to trace your family lineage, connect with distant relatives, and explore the unique narratives that shaped your heritage.
Join our community of genealogy enthusiasts, share your findings, and learn from others who are on similar quests to trace their Georgia roots. At Georgia Pioneers, we are committed to preserving and celebrating the legacy of families who have left an indelible mark on the state's history. Start your exploration today and uncover the hidden gems within your Georgia family history.

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Welcome to Genealogy-Books,  your premier destination for exploring the tapestry of your family history through our collection of genealogy and history books Online. These old, out-of-print books will help to unearth the stories of your ancestors. Also included are other out-of-print books written by Jeannette Holland Austin.

Genealogy-Books is part of the Georgia Pioneers website that includes genealogy databases in Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Our platform is dedicated to curating a vast collection of Georgia ancestors’ records, meticulously organized to assist you in building and expanding your family tree. With our user-friendly interface,navigating through generations becomes an effortless endeavor. Explore a wealth of genealogical data that will help you connect the dots and uncover hidden branches in your family tree.
At Georgia Pioneers, we understand the importance of preserving your heritage. Our commitment to providing accessible and reliable information empowers you to delve into the rich history of your ancestors. Join your community of genealogy enthusiasts, where sharing discoveries and insights is encouraged.


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How the Changing of Times and Habits Affects us
Comment from Elaine Baldasare: “I had to reply to say this was a GREAT newsletter. My, you hit everything square on the head…

Find your Old Neighborhood
Comment from Kate Motley:” I grew up in a house that was built by my three great grandfathers. It was not until I left home that I realised that other people moved the house! iwish that people would tell the story of their time in their house, and leave it for the next inhabitants. It would be so interesting to find and add to the tale It all comes

 The Tragic Life of Sister in the Woods Comment from Phyllis Pallister: “I love this story, even if it’s not about one of my ancestors. I know it’s tragic for Sister and Tom. What a devoted husband he was; sad that he could not move on after her death. This would make a great movie!”

Explore the rich tapestry of your heritage with “Stories From Your Ancestors” on Georgia Pioneers. Uncover captivating narratives passed down through generations, revealing the triumphs, challenges, and enduring legacies of your forebears. From tales of resilience during historical events to anecdotes that shape family identity, these stories connect you to the past. Delve into the archives of Georgia Pioneers to unearth the treasures of your ancestry, fostering a profound understanding of the roots that anchor your family tree. Join us in preserving and celebrating the remarkable narratives that contribute to the diverse mosaic of Georgia’s pioneering history.

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