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By Jeannette Holland Austin

Stories of the Revolutionary War as told by the soldiers who fought in the battles, mostly taken from pension records. This is a reflection of battles fought during the American Revolutionary War and includes individual stories and comments of actual soldiers. We are the children of heroes who deposited their foot prints in the sands of time. One can see the evidence of an earlier time in the soil of old farms and communities. It is the marker of the poor and persecuted who traveled across the seas in search of a better existence...those who came to our shores seeking relief came from the German Palatines in the Middle Rhine region of the Holy Roman Empire. They were the politically scorn of Scotland from the isles and highlands who failed to put their beloved Stuart king on the throne and were punished for it by the English; the Irish serfs and farmers whose dilipidated farms fell into the hands of wealthy sheep herders; they came from the mountains of Switzerland and the streets of London. Ultimately, it was the promise of free land, even to those who, unable to pay for passage, indentured themselves for seven years of service. Free land was the lure . . . and a willingness to carve the wilderness trails into the far west and encounter the wrath of the Indian tribes... all for the land, and freedom. Their beginnings were of the most primitive of existence; first from the wagon trains, and then log cabins along mountain runs, nearer to Indian villages than American forts. They were farmers, blacksmiths, carpenters, soldiers, inventors, and more.

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