Madison County Wills, Estates, Estates, Plats

Many of the settlers to Madison County went westward into Paulding County, Georgia. Madison County was originally inhabited by the Creek and Cherokee Indians. but by the year 1773, most of this land was ceded by the Cherokees to the Colonial Governor of Georgia, thus opening the area to frontier settlement. The earliest permanent settlement was in the Paoli area, settled mainly by pioneers from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas.

Early Settlers: William Anderson, William David, Thomas House, John Palmer, William Simmons, Jacob Strickland, Pleasant Bone, Ezekiel Williams, Tolbert Strickland, William Evans, Jacob Moon, and William Adair who removed to Paulding County. Marriages

  • Index to Madison County Marriages 1812 to 1889
  • Madison County Marriages from Newspapers (1885-1886).
  • Wills 1812-1841 (abstracts)

Images of Wills 1842 to 1855

Testators: Allen, Gray;Black, Thomas;Bolton, Leonard;Bridges, Ben;Carithers, Mary;Carithers, William;Collum, Samuel;David, Berry;Dawes, William;Embry, John;Everhart, George;Graves, Samuel;Griffith, James;Hart, Archibald;Human, Susanna;Johnson, Jane;Long, James;Jordan, Thomas;Long, James;McLeroy, James; Meaders, Berry; Moon, Archilaus;Moon, Archilaus (2); Moon, Pleasant;Moon, William F.;Nash, William;Sanders, James; Scarborough;Spratlin, Francina;Strickland, Solomon;Strickland, Tolbert;Tait, Robert;Thompson, James;Thompson, William; Towns, James;Vaughan, William;Ware, Elisha;Whitehead, Henry; Williams, Birdy;Williams, John Sr.

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Annual Returns, Book A, 1816-1826.
  • Annual Returns, Book B, 1826-1830.
  • Annual Returns, Book C, 1830-1834.
  • Annual Returns, Book D, 1834-1837.
  • Annual Returns, Book E, 1837-1841.
  • Inventories, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Book B, 1813-1829.
  • Inventories, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Book D, 1841-1857.
  • Administrators and Guardians 1818-1888
  • Administrators and Guardians 1818-1888
Miscellaneous Wills and Estates
  • Evans, Thomas, Estate (1841).
  • Ware, Edward, LWT, 1838 (image).
  • Williams, Elijah, LWT, transcription (1879.
  • Plats 1813 to 1832 (images)
Traced Genealogies:
Madison County Families

Madison County People

Many families in Madison County came from Pennsylvania to the 96th District of South Carolina. An example is the Revolutionary War application of Robert Carithers who enlisted during the Siege of Ninety Six which last 28 days led by Major General Nathaniel Greene. Carithers participated in several skirmishes with the Tories by whom he was wounded in the thigh at the Siege of Ninety-Six. The Revolutionary War applications for Pensions by the soldier, as well as his spouse or other family members, provide details that might not otherwise be discovered. Since so many of the Scotch-Irish and Germans took the old wagon trail from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, Pennsylvania is a good place to begin the research. However, one must consider the history of that era when people left Europe with large groups of people, like religious congregations, and traveled to America seeking freedom. The 96th district was created in 1769 and included the current counties of Abbeville, McCormick, Edgefield, Saluda, Greenwood, Laurens, Union, and Spartanburg counties; much of Cherokee and Newberry counties; and small parts of Aiken and Greenville Counties. Carithers must have resided in Abbeville County because that is where he married. Irrespective of the circumstances, one must research the following counties in Pennsylvania: Burke, Burks, and Lancaster as well as the South Carolina counties.

Hunting Foxes

Gerald Stucki brings his hounds from South Georgia to ride with the Shakerag Hounds.